Reprise (Tensa/Temari)


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“Uh—, yeah, right. Whatever. May I have a word with you for a moment?”
At his ‘whatever’, Tensa Zangetsu was favored with a flat look. He could be such a drag wet blanket. “Moments are passing constantly, Blue Eyes. What is it?”
" Have you thought about going back to the band yet? " Tensa asked straight-out. Tucking the hastily-stacked papers under his arm, the male evened out his pace to match the blonde’s and proceeded to talk.
" The band has been idle for so long I just have to do something about it. And seriously, Temari. You’ll never going to live that nickname down don’t you? "


“Hmph,” Temari sniffed and set her pen down on the tabletop before fixing her former bandmate with a sharp look. “Offer? Are you sure?” she inquired skeptically. “I seem to remember a conversation between you and I about how teachers and the band don’t go together.”

Temari snatched her pen back up and drew another ‘X’ on the top quiz (it’s mesopause not menopause - sheesh, Kiba). “Unless it’s your bass guitar, my spot back, or the pleasure of kicking that feckless excuse for a male vocalist out personally, you can forget it.”

Tensa had clearly expected the female’s haughty response the second the word ‘band’ rolled off his lips. Temari’s obvious disinterest regarding his ‘offer’ only fueled a smirk to adorn his face that somehow highlighted a glint on those blue eyes that suspiciously spelled pure evil. " Actually, I have something better than that. ” As if out from thin air, his left hand suddenly held two sheets of paper and laid them gently on the meteorology teacher’s desk already littered with paper. 



" I can’t trust another person I don’t know for this position, so I am offering you the job to be the band’s moderator—something a teacher is very much suited to fill in. ” After finally introducing his motive, the male’s smirk got a fraction wider and continued to talk; he may or may not be tempting the former female lead vocalist to take on the job with all the perks it brandishes. How can it be not tempting? Tensa Zangetsu was basically offering her the power over the student band, something he knew that the wind user would very much like.

" Written inside are the certain privileges you can get by accepting my offer to officially stand as the student band’s moderator. Several things like the authority over meetings, the final say over band gig themes and whatnotand oh, the power to remove a member excluding myself of course if proved guilty of bad student behavior twice. So much more is left to be read for your disposal on the second page. ”

" To make my whole deal not sound like a burden to you, you will get paid for this. To put it simply, I would like to ‘hire' you on a side-job for the student band. Actually there will be two of you for this, the other one having sent an application for the job. I'm sure you will have no qualms working with this person, if he meets my requirements that is. ” That evil glint shadowing his stare and smirk never went away the entire time Tensa presented his job offer towards his former bandmate. 

She may have the power, but the control was still his, just like a shadow king.



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” Temari, what now. “

“Isn’t it obvious? I went to Zoo de Vincennes and found your peacocks for you!”

" Temari, I do not own a peacock - peacocks. “



“There’s no answer in that answer, dummy. I asked what was going on, so either spill it or save it - I haven’t got all night for this double talk.”

" All right— here’s the deal…. ” A slight force was all it took for the senior male to push the inquiring- and bold- bandmate towards the wall. The way he stared at her was something definitely out of the ordinary.

"… I feel, good right now, and I think it would be best for you to leave me be for tonight. ” Tensa started to talk in a notch lower than the usual, the tone in his voice was laced with a tad of something akin to someone intoxicated with alcohol, smooth— yet sultry. ” Not unless you decided to be bolder and continue to inquire me with that upfront attitude of yours, I cannot guarantee what I may do to you right now. ” The tips of his slender fingers suddenly made its way towards her blonde tresses, letting his fingers twirl around the strands of faded golden hair. ” Not gonna run yet, Temari? “

twistinginthewind replied to your post: “Senpai,” he cleared his throat for a second. “We live in the same house, yet I don’t know if you turn to be this beautiful woman. I come to congratulate you, Tensa-senpai.”

Mhm. Tensa-san prefers being swift as the coursing river~ *bites lips to keep from laughing*

" Are you laughing at me, Temari? "

twistinginthewind replied to your post: The first person that talks to you, apart from me, you have to go up to them and swish your hair and say ‘because I’m worth it~’ and then flick your thumb across your lips! ;D

…you could be..

( stares warily at )

twistinginthewind replied to your post: Is it really that mandatory for those who will…

Think of it as having six dates~

Temari, I’m not going to think all six of you as my ‘dates’ for the dance. Not even Hinata.

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The bankai spirit wasn’t sure if the blonde for a classmate was mocking his facial expression, or just simply making fun of him. Better off, it sure didn’t fail to remind him of something specific.

" Temari….. you exactly remind me of this: 

…. by the facial expressions, I think you know who is who. “