「 heavenly chain, slaying moon 」

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" Not all that is white is good; not all that is black is evil. Be careful, that sunrise isn't genuine. Stare at it too hard and the dark light will pierce your soul. "



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" —Ah. "

" —…. how cute. "


By siro

narakaasan asked: ?!


Putting on cosplay
It was all for the credit. He swear.
Recently, there had been a fair in Iwakiri University’s marine biology department. Said event carried less activities than most typical school fairs, but each one of them were entitled to their very packed, not to mention eventful, itinerary. 
And it so happened that Tensa, a marine biology major, was selected as the group mascot by his block mates to advertise their taiyaki stand. Yes, their group chose to make a taiyaki stand, very simple yet efficient in contrast to their co-major’s flashy presentations.
Now, he personally didn’t mind having to wear a floor-length dress (it was a reference to the child princess in the movie ‘Ponyo’, they said.) under the blazing spring sun, yet the more his stare lingered on the bright red fabric, the more his subconscious felt quite unsure. 
 Well at least, no one will know just who exactly was the one behind the cartoonized giant head of an auburn-haired five year-old kid.
Having less than enough time to spare before the fair starts, Tensa thought it best to change on-the-spot inside the empty faculty lounge. It’s where their group adviser left the costume and honestly, the midnight-haired was confident he can change into costume before a staff run in on him. Quickly stripping down just to his pants, long arms swiftly grabbed the red fabric and put it on…. only to realize, halfway zipping the damn thing all the way up, that the dress was one size smaller and that a pair of dark-stained orbs was staring at him in mild shock.
loveyoulikealovesongx3 asked: Ah yes thats true. No need to apologize tensa-san i understand youre busy.

An appreciative nod was all the spirit did, somewhat grateful for the girl’s patience and understanding of his ever-unpredictable schedule.

✵need help?


Ever since she spent time with the humans, their traditions and ways of celebration really caught the petite shinigami’s interest. Christmas was all around the place from Iwakiri to the actual town, and that only made her realize she had to hurry to be able to deliver all the presents she listed.

Trying to keep it as a surprise for many she decided to go and do it on her own, after all, she was already familiarised with the way towards her town. Maybe what she didn’t considered was the amount of presents against her own.

A hand was placed in her chin as she tried to come with the best way to carry all of them, good thing it was one more store and she would be done. “Alright, let’s go” she said to herself while taking the boxes and covering almost her face.

She had to follow her instincts and listen well if she didn’t wanted to bump against someone, but oh surprise, focusing on the presents for them to not fall was more important and so she ended up hitting someone slightly.

The raven haired let go a sigh of relief as soon as she catch the few presents that fell down, her gaze soon turned to the stranger’s voice. “Etto…No thank you, I can handle it” she answered while placing the few boxes back to the pile before other two fell to the other side. Her other hand quickly turned to catch them before they could get ruined.

The shinigami let go another sigh and looked back at the midnight haired, and crystal blue eyed young man. “…Maybe one hand?” she admitted almost embarrassingly. How odd, I would’ve sworn this was Ichigo’s spiritual pressure, at least is very similar, she thought without taking her eyes off the other.

" I thought so. " The male said and wordlessly picked up half of the entire load away from small arms onto his own. These colorful boxes, when stacked on top of each other, were quite heavy for someone of her stature to carry (the younger Kuchiki is, for lack of a better word, too short) without trouble. Tensa didn’t mind lending the shinigami a helping hand, considering it his good deed for the spirit of human world-christmas. 

He had nothing better to do for the rest of the day anyways.

It was his intention to step back and let the petite woman lead the way, following the Kuchiki as she ventures into another brightly lit shop to finish her holiday shopping. Yet he had to momentarily stop when crystal blue met gazes with amethyst orbs, its contemplative stare highlighted by the equally bright iridescent lights from the store behind both. ” Is there dirt on my face? ” He knew there were none, and had an inkling on what the female might be thinking about.

Tensa, however, refused to break eye contact. It was only a matter of time before the raven-haired put two and two together and figure the identity of the person—out of all the joyous people in the crowd—she had crossed paths with at Christmas time. Despite this being the first time the two meeting each other in his physical form. 

Now I wonder how she would approach and address to a stranger that she might know who he is.

" You might want to get going, there are children behind us waiting to exit the store. " A slight tilt of his head was made to his left, gently pulling the shinigami out of her reverie and pay attention to three cherubs, with cheeks evenly tinted of soft crimson and cute little outfits of eye-popping color, eagerly waiting with their mother to jump out of the blocked way and merrily go back to their unknown itinerary. " You can go ahead and walk, I’ll be following right alongside you. "


" Oh, do pray. Tuesday.