“Lucky the trap door was above your bed huh? I get a soft landing and you got to wake up!” she spoke in a gleeful tone, indicating she unbothered by the fact she had just abruptly awoken the male stranger before her and as if the latter was a gift.

“Have you got any snacks, sleepy?” she asked with her large round eyes staring upon his half naked figure, once again unbothered as the men of her squad often went around so, if they could, so it wasn’t so much of a strange sight for her.

Snacks. Of course she’ll ask for snacks.

An arm quickly ducked underneath his bed and fished out a black box, lethargically dropping it upon the girl’s outstretched palms. ” Kabaya saku panda chocolate. That should be enough for now. “


" Now, let ‘sleepy’ live up to its name and rest in peace. " Hidden trapdoors in his room be damned, Tensa Zangetsu would take care of that later—the boy has got other priorities in life. 

my sarcasm is at its best when I hear a stupid question

yourpinkdoom asked: [suddenly falls from the room and lands perfectly on her feet] HI THERE, I'M KUSAJISHI YACHIRU!

" zzzz "


" zzzz "

" … "

" —!!!!

Landing perfectly on a sleeping guy’s backside, with a chirpy tone to boot, was not how Tensa Zangetsu envisioned his Saturday morning to be.

Would you look at that, it’s the little pink trot.

" Where is Ichigo when you need him. "



"Are you disappointed in me, Tensa-San? Or are you just giving me this flower because it is beautiful?"

Disappointed that he learned of her trying to harm a poor, endangered baby animal? Quite. But it’s no use expressing his sentiment for now. 

So, Tensa decides to respond in his trademark sarcasm fashion:

" No, I just think it’s beautiful. "

panda-of-doom asked: \/AQ Tensa-nii! Ino-meanie tried to hurt me so I ran away but got lost and ran into room that wasn't yours and Shisui held me captive [clings tightly to his leg while shivering]

" ‘Ino-meanie' tried to hurt you? ” the Yamanaka would dare hurt a small creature? What has the jubilant florist become of from the last time they’ve seen each other, tsk tsk. How disappointing. 

Since the spirit knew nothing about this ‘Shisui’ person, the male merely settled on gently coaxing shivering paws against his left leg to pry off, cradling the terror-stricken panda onto his arms like how one would calm a crying child.

panda-of-doom asked: [runs hastily into room and clings to Tensa's leg] \/AQ

" —!! “

"Tensa-kun, please accept this." 

"And this is for Hichigo-kun."

"Please be dorky together"


—was what entailed the note left by the human girl at his doorstep, along with the parcel sent to him two months ago. He had intended to give the other half at the pasty white hollow on the 15th of July, though it appears the blue fabric will never reach its destined owner anytime soon. 

" ‘Please be dorky together.’ ” baritone voice repeated, flatly. ” How can I? when they’ve long since left. “ 

Late July nights were filled with nothing but rainfall, the weather giving flannel pajamas the opportune time to be worn when going to bed. Yet this specific cloth still remained brand new, confined deep inside Tensa’s closet. Only to be worn when the other recipient decides to come back home.

It had been gifted as a pair, after all.