「 heavenly chain, slaying moon 」

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" Not all that is white is good; not all that is black is evil. Be careful, that sunrise isn't genuine. Stare at it too hard and the dark light will pierce your soul. "


[ CURRENT LOCATION: Iwakiri Academy ]

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riruuka asked: "Hey, Tensa!" Awkward shoulder pats. "Happy birthday! stop being gloomy, he'll be back."

" —hey, I’m surprised you remembered. " He’s surprised anyone remembers.

Aside from his famous orange-haired wielder, the blue-eyed spirit also shares the same day as his birthday. 

" Tse. Who says I’m gloomy? Knowing him, he wouldn’t be back for a long while.” 


ty to g1ados for the idea & kettle-prince for tensa’s obsession with Chanel

Ulquiorra recommends MAC gel liner in blacktrack as well as Lancome kohl liner in 401 teal. But don’t let Grimmjow borrow the latter because he will press too hard and ruin the tip 

Tensa recommends Chanel mascara in Sublime—waterproof so you can cry about wielders boys worry-free. Make sure to pair that with some Chanel cream eyeshadow in 85 Mirifique so you can have your identity crisis in style

Both suggest stay-on foundation. Ichigo has a lot of blood and it will get on you

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